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by Cindy
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You’ve seen Rothy’s all over social media. Maybe you have a few friends that are obsessed with Rothy’s. But what exactly are they, and are Rothy’s worth the money? My friend Roz has been proclaiming her love for Rothy’s shoes for a couple of years now, but due to their price, I was a little bit hesitant to pull the trigger. While there are an abundance of Rothy’s reviews out there, I wasn’t able to find much information on the loafers. So when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and the Rothy’s healthcare discount became available to nurses, I decided I’d splurge and treat myself. (Rothy’s teacher discount is pretty sweet, too! Learn more about the teacher discount here). Unfortunately during Nurses’ Week this year, my size was sold out in The Point flats in … well, pretty much every color I wanted. So when I found the Mocha Spot loafers, I jumped on the opportunity!

rothys teacher discount

Materials & Quality

Rothy’s are a modern, casual shoe designed for the professional woman. Woven with proprietary methods, Rothy’s repurposes plastic water bottles and gives them new life instead of introducing even more synthetic materials into the ecosystem. The result is a comfortable, easy-wearing shoe that requires pretty much no break-in time. I wore mine immediately right out of the box and never had any issues with discomfort!

Rothy’s Styles

Rothy's healthcare discount shoes. Rothys reviews

I LOVE the styles that Rothy’s offers. The loafers are slip-on, no-fuss, low maintenance, and best of all – wide feet friendly!

Are Rothy’s Good for Wide Feet?

YES! While I can’t speak to the Pointed flats and how they fit, the Rothy’s loafers are great for my D-width feet. I spent pretty much all of my adolescent years and a good part of my 20s walking around wearing the wrong size shoes. I seriously believed I was a size 8. When I found out that wide-fit shoes were a thing, I was so mind-blown that I consider it a pretty life-changing moment. I’m about a size 7 normally and a 7.5 in Rothy’s. Their sizing suggestion for this shoe was very accurate for me!

The Print

I got my loafers in the Mocha Spot color-way. I love wearing leopard prints as neutrals (especially cool-toned ones like the Mocha Spot, which is more white). Any orangey colors don’t really suit me. Because of the off-white base, the Mocha Spot loafers go with pretty much everything. I love pairing them with jeans and a tee, or with a fun dress. They work beautifully for an everyday shoe and I wear mine on many of my days off!

As an intensive care nurse, I spend a good amount of time on my feet standing, reaching, climbing, and lifting. The toll my career takes on my body is tremendous and the older I get, the more I notice every little ache and pain. So when I’m not at work, I can’t wear shoes that stress out my knees and ankles.

The Cons

While I absolutely love the high quality and comfort that Rothy’s offer, I’m unsure that the pricing is justified. As I’ve had them for about three months, I don’t think that’s really enough time to make a fair assessment on cost per wear or longevity. So far, they’re holding up beautifully but I’ll update this post as time passes! If you’re a teacher, nurse, doctor, etc., be sure to take advantage of the Rothy’s teacher discount or Rothy’s healthcare discount. According to their website, the discount is valid up until December 31, 2020.

Rothys Review: The Verdict

rothys healthcare discount

With the Rothy’s teacher discount or the Rothy’s healthcare discount, I feel that the shoes are worth it. The discounts offer up to 20% off on select styles/colors when you confirm your eligibility. When I did it, I remember putting in my RN license information into a third party site that Rothy’s uses to verify your identity. I hope my Rothy’s reviews were helpful to you! I love these loafers (and apparently, so does Roger). Have you tried Rothy’s? What do you think of them?

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